Dishonored 2 Review

It was as I beat Dishonored 2 that the full weight of how similar this games storyline is to the previous game hit me. As the final target was taken care of, I was left with a thought that hadn’t really coalesced until this point-“It took four years to make this game and we couldn’t get a new story?” I’m not the first one to voice that thought, but honestly it’s one I had pushed out until the fina...[Read More]

Politicat Review

You'll be spending the rest of your life doing nothing but campaigning. Ignoring your constituents for those sweet stacks of cash and the ever present allure of votes. In many ways Politicat is so accurate to modern politics that it's almost terrifying. Luckily they deaden the blow with some of the cutest cats you'll see in a videogame this year.

World of Warcraft | Legion Review

Arguably the best expansion to release for World of Warcraft. It doesn't solve every issue but the majority of issues I have with MMOs are addressed here.

Gravity Rush

For years, I was kind of an oddity. A Vita owner who never played Gravity Rush, Sony's darling new IP on the system. It just came out at the wrong time for me. I was busy with other stuff and by the time I was ready to play it, it had already been eclipsed by newer games. Now that the game has been remastered and released on the PS4, I finally decided to give it a shot.

Pokemon GO Review

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