Who is the Deadliest Pokemon?

Gotta Catch em’ All! (Or they’ll kill you) Before you watch the video, try and guess who you think it is? It isn’t super hard to come up with reasons why they are wrong. That said I loved this little thought experiment. I’m going to slightly spoil it by saying it isn’t Arceus. Now you’ve only got a few hundred other options to choose from. But if I had to pick a...[Read More]

Darkrai is back via wifi code for those that missed it!

Get Darkrai quick from the comfort of your own home. The Mythical Pokémon Darkrai was first available at GameStop stores in May. If you weren’t able to make it to GameStop in time, here’s another chance to receive the Pokémon. Simply enter this code into your Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, or Pokémon Y game to add Darkrai to your collection: Code: Darkrai20 It&#...[Read More]

New Pokemon shown off, including my favorite so far

Pokemon Sun and Moon certainly has us excited here-and I am no exception. I’ve been paying attention unwillingly, as each new announcement pops up and explodes everywhere making it unavoidable. So with that, here’s a trailer for the newest pokemon: We got a boxing crab, an earlier evolution of that bear Pokemon that crushes trees by hugging them, and my personal favorite Pokemon of so ...[Read More]

Team Skull is not a phase, Mom!

I’m really digging the new Pokemon. Again, I’m kinda hurting with these reveals because I feel like they’d crush me as surprises. But in terms of news updates for the game at least they aren’t keeping hush. WishiWashi’s school form is probably one of the most clever things they’ve done in a while. The news for this game has been almost unanimously positive for m...[Read More]

Mimikyu is easily one of my favorite new Pokemon

    In this video we see a few new Pokemon for Sun and Moon. Wimpod looks like a Pokemon form of a Giant Isopod which is pretty sweet. There is a running joke among artists on my twitter circle of getting a ride able Isopod in World of Warcraft.               Next we’ve got Bounsweet which is just stupid adorable. Joining a long lineage of “...[Read More]

Pokemon GO

Pokemon on your phone? Strange but true! Well, somewhat. Pokemon GO has gone on to break a number of records in the mobile world. The question becomes; will it maintain?

Alola Forms and Z-Moves | Pokemon of Mass Destruction

Wow! Things are getting kinda crazy in Pokemon. I’m reminded of when I was playing Pokken Tournament. I picked Shadow Mewtwo and unleashed his ultimate which results in a nuclear blast that takes out like half the planet.  The smoke cleared and my opponent lay unconscious at my feet. But otherwise the entire arena and surrounding city were pristine. I found it really funny and that sort of d...[Read More]

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