Pokemon Sun and Moon

Rico’s Games of the Year (2016)

I generally feel like there is some level of pressure to have surprises on a GOTY list. I’m gonna be flat out with you, you won’t be finding any of those today (I imagine). The structure will be pretty simple, first I’m listing all the games I played this year. It’s not super diverse in 2016 but there are a fair number of games on this list that I really enjoyed. The ones I...[Read More]

New Pokemon shown off, including my favorite so far

Pokemon Sun and Moon certainly has us excited here-and I am no exception. I’ve been paying attention unwillingly, as each new announcement pops up and explodes everywhere making it unavoidable. So with that, here’s a trailer for the newest pokemon: We got a boxing crab, an earlier evolution of that bear Pokemon that crushes trees by hugging them, and my personal favorite Pokemon of so ...[Read More]

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