Civilization VI Patch Live | Dubbed “Fall 2016” Update

Civilization 6 gets even better at consuming your days. You wouldn’t know it by the number of hours I’ve played Civilization 6. But I really like this game. It currently stands as my favorite iteration of a series that started in 1991. Just holy cow! So many series I like have been around for just obscene lengths of time. Anyways, Civ VI is great. I highly recommend you pick it up if y...[Read More]

Ubisoft is best-selling publisher in 2016

As reported by MCV, and genuinely to my surprise, Ubisoft is currently the frontrunner for sales in 2016. This applies to the US, the EU, Canada, and Australia apparently. I’ll get back to you once we see the sales for Antarctica but odds are good they’ve cornered that market. The big mover this year is the Division which absolutely crushed it for Day One sales. And by crushing it I me...[Read More]

Staff Introduction – Gamemaniac3434

Hi there, and welcome to Absolute Chill! I’m Gamemaniac3434, one of the writers for the site and the resident microbiologist-which every site needs I can assure you. I’ll be around writing all sorts of random articles, so hopefully you find some stuff ya like. I play all sorts of different types of games, my favorite of which is Fallout 3, and I really enjoying the gaming sphere as wel...[Read More]

Welcome to Absolute Chill!

Hello and Welcome! I’ve been a long time fan of video games. I cannot remember a time when they did not enrich my life. As much as my other interests may change, video games have always remained a constant. Before the rise of the internet I got most of my news from my friends and from publishers directly through magazines or demo discs. My small bubble of friends were mostly incredibly posit...[Read More]

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