Rico’s Games of the Year (2016)

I generally feel like there is some level of pressure to have surprises on a GOTY list. I’m gonna be flat out with you, you won’t be finding any of those today (I imagine). The structure will be pretty simple, first I’m listing all the games I played this year. It’s not super diverse in 2016 but there are a fair number of games on this list that I really enjoyed. The ones I...[Read More]

World of Warcraft | Legion Review

Arguably the best expansion to release for World of Warcraft. It doesn't solve every issue but the majority of issues I have with MMOs are addressed here.

Legion Companion App is an Altoholics Dream

For those of you playing Legion, you already know that it is pretty friggin sweet.  But you might also have noticed that running a ton of characters at once is a bit taxing. It looks like this won’t be the case much longer! The companion app is set to drop this Tuesday which is great news because that’s also when I go back to work. It’s amusing to me because Liz and I have been b...[Read More]

Early Thoughts | World of Warcraft : Legion

Life is a little bit rough for me at the moment. But I did want to talk briefly on my thoughts about the Legion Pre-Patch Event and the game thus far. The Event leading up to the launch was great! The story goes that the Legion is finally done screwing around elsewhere and has come to finally take down Azeroth. In the past we pissed off a few of the lesser Legion leaders, which is to say some big ...[Read More]

Early Thoughts | Demon Hunters and the Broken Shore

My feelings at the moment are genuinely mixed. Not because the content of the Demon Hunters or the Broken Shore are bad. Far from it, it is some of the most fun I’ve had in Warcraft in ages. I am sad because the reveal at the end of the Broken Shore breaks my heart on the Horde side. I won’t tell you what, at least not in this image. But the loss my gaming heart feels today is pretty h...[Read More]

Win a Free Copy of Legion Digital Collector’s Edition!

[UPDATE 8/21/2016: Gonna nip this one in the bud. The website is too young. Tis fine though! Once the flow of folks is higher I’ll have plenty of fun contests ready! 82 Views though, pretty darn impressive. I just figure when the only comment is someone I know I should probably rethink my plans. Would like the first giveaway to not be to someone I know. Sets a bad precedent.] I finally got t...[Read More]

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