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Thoughts on Bloodborne Part Two: Our eyes are yet to open

Last time we went over the mechanical and gameplay aspects of Bloodborne. Here we go over basically everything else I felt like talking about. I’ll link Part 1 here but hopefully you enjoy the thrilling conclusion to this two-part series. Boss Design This game has by far, my least favorite bosses of any of the non-Dark Souls 2 games in terms of how they play. Design-wise a lot of them look amazing...[Read More]

Thoughts on Bloodborne: Bathing in the blood of beasts (Part 1)

I love From Software’s various souls games-excluding Dark Souls 2 I really like all of them and I’ve managed to beat every single one including Dark Souls 2. So you can imagine my sadness and frustration when I learned that Bloodborne-a game with an amazing trailer that immediately caught my attention-was going to be on PS4 only. While I was upset that the game would be exclusive, to be comp...[Read More]

Editorial: Musings on opinions and discussions

Opinions are a tricky thing-especially in something with as many moving parts as a video game one can find a massive gulf in the opinions on any given game, its mechanics or its visuals and this can lead to a thought provoking discussion….or sometimes just spiral into bitter debates. I touched on this idea in my review scores blog but I thought it might be something worth expanding on in its own b...[Read More]

Editorial: Super Mario Bros: The Movie

I am a man who loves him some good-bad movies; I’ve formed a group around watching them and I attempt to get this group whipped together at least once every two weeks. It’s something I deeply enjoy doing and I figured that I would dive into that by looking at a movie that holds a very special place in my instance of this long-standing tradition. This was actually the first good-bad movie I was abl...[Read More]

Turbowave to the Max: An ode to 80’s inspired media

The 80’s are a fascinating and iconic time in the history of the US-neon, synth, cocaine and some incredible movies and other media came out at the time as well as a swath of crime and gang violence that informed a lot of the identity of that decade. You can tell a lot about the type of society by the media they make, and the 80’s are no exception. The 80’s were before my time and yet for many, yo...[Read More]

GM3434’s list of E3 games that look pretty swell

Ah, another E3 has come and gone with its promises of goodies to drop into our laps and crap to be thrown in our faces in a few months times. There’s many a thing to discuss in terms of what came out but for now I thought I’d start by listing a few games and whatnot that make me excited to get my hands on. I may update or alter this list as time goes on but I figure it’d be nice ...[Read More]

On Review Scores

In March 2017, Jim Sterling reviewed Breath of the Wild and gave the game a seven out of ten. This caused a huge outcry, both across the internet and even on sites that I hang out regularly on which doesn’t happen that often. My problem with people’s reaction was not mere disagreement but the way some people expressed their disagreement-I saw people call him a fucking idiot, say he was...[Read More]

Thoughts on: Specter of Torment

Specter of Torment is the second of the DLC campaigns to come from Yacht Club games and as you might imagine, its good! But that does come with some caveats and opinions on the matter of course. So without further delay, lets get into my thoughts on this particular campaign. Story Specter Knight is a prequel to the main Shovel Knight campaign and focuses on the titular Specter Knight. Resurrected ...[Read More]

Darkest Dungeon on Vita Impressions

Darkest Dungeon hits today on Vita and PS4, and its a version of the game I’ve been waiting for since I knew it was on its way months ago. Soon as I remembered that it was a thing, I snapped it up on my vita and gave it a whirl. First things first-the game looks gorgeous on vita’s OLED screen and performs smoothly. I’ve noticed no performance issues whatsoever, and I think if you...[Read More]

Thoughts on: Magic Duels

I never really played Magic The Gathering, as insistently as some of my friends talked about it. Well a few weeks ago Rico and TheBlondeBass were talking about the game and recently added lovecraftian horrors-something of which I have a special place in my heart. Well some of the card designs sold me, and they pointed me to the computer version of the game-Magic Duels which is free to play which i...[Read More]

Opinion-Why The Last of Us fungus is improbable

Cordyceps is a fungal pathogen that attacks insects, using them as food to grow a fungal stalk and spread fungal spores across an area-thereby infecting more hosts. In its most dramatic-and perhaps most famous-form, it actually manipulates the behavior of an ant. The ant will crawl up to a place high above the ground, where the Cordyceps is happiest and has its best growing conditions, and slowly ...[Read More]

World building and the Paper Mario franchise.

I love Mario’s role-playing adventures. Starting from Square Enix’s Super Mario RPG on the SNES, these games have a unique blend of charm and dynamic gameplay, which really resonates with me. My favorite of all is Paper Mario, on the Nintendo 64. After getting a GameCube, I also got the chance to play the sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door… And fell in love all over agai...[Read More]

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