Thoughts on Bloodborne: Bathing in the blood of beasts (Part 1)

I love From Software’s various souls games-excluding Dark Souls 2 I really like all of them and I’ve managed to beat every single one including Dark Souls 2. So you can imagine my sadness and frustration when I learned that Bloodborne-a game with an amazing trailer that immediately caught my attention-was going to be on PS4 only. While I was upset that the game would be exclusive, to be comp...[Read More]

Sunless Sea First Impressions

Welp as I mused on previously, I have come into possession of Sunless Sea and slowly went about finding out what’s going on in it. After about 6 hours I feel that I have a good grip on whats going on with the game and I have some thoughts on how I feel about it. Also, somewhat amusingly, this is the second lovecraft inspired game I’ve given some first impressions on in a row-but hey I&...[Read More]

Looks like Wasteland 3 might be a thing

Wasteland 2 was a pretty well received game enjoyed by many-including yours truly. And now according to Inexiles twitter and a page on Fig– the Doublefine founded crowdfunder- the third one is going to appear soon on in to bring players back to the world of the game-but this time in what is presumably a nuclear winter or a game in the northern parts of the world. Consider me interested, afte...[Read More]

Darkest Dungeon on Vita Impressions

Darkest Dungeon hits today on Vita and PS4, and its a version of the game I’ve been waiting for since I knew it was on its way months ago. Soon as I remembered that it was a thing, I snapped it up on my vita and gave it a whirl. First things first-the game looks gorgeous on vita’s OLED screen and performs smoothly. I’ve noticed no performance issues whatsoever, and I think if you...[Read More]

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