Early Thoughts | No Man’s Sky

A short flight through the cosmos to allow for load. Countless stars rushing by my screen, sometimes names, oftentimes not. A flash and there I am, standing, I think, looking around as my UI comes online. The suit has an on board speech unit that informs me of status changes. A nice touch, if at times a bit too chatty. My opening job is simple. I need to repair my ship or risk being trapped on thi...[Read More]

Initial Impressions-Hover

Hover: Revolt of Gamers is an indie game on steam that is currently in early access. As someone who normally avoids early access I have not yet bought this game-but I have played it numerous times at a friends place and I have played it enough to get a good feel for it. And that feel is that I really enjoy this game-with time I can see it getting more better and when I have the means I will probab...[Read More]

Team Skull is not a phase, Mom!

I’m really digging the new Pokemon. Again, I’m kinda hurting with these reveals because I feel like they’d crush me as surprises. But in terms of news updates for the game at least they aren’t keeping hush. WishiWashi’s school form is probably one of the most clever things they’ve done in a while. The news for this game has been almost unanimously positive for m...[Read More]

Early Thoughts | Demon Hunters and the Broken Shore

My feelings at the moment are genuinely mixed. Not because the content of the Demon Hunters or the Broken Shore are bad. Far from it, it is some of the most fun I’ve had in Warcraft in ages. I am sad because the reveal at the end of the Broken Shore breaks my heart on the Horde side. I won’t tell you what, at least not in this image. But the loss my gaming heart feels today is pretty h...[Read More]

Win a Free Copy of Legion Digital Collector’s Edition!

[UPDATE 8/21/2016: Gonna nip this one in the bud. The website is too young. Tis fine though! Once the flow of folks is higher I’ll have plenty of fun contests ready! 82 Views though, pretty darn impressive. I just figure when the only comment is someone I know I should probably rethink my plans. Would like the first giveaway to not be to someone I know. Sets a bad precedent.] I finally got t...[Read More]

Staff Introduction – Gamemaniac3434

Hi there, and welcome to Absolute Chill! I’m Gamemaniac3434, one of the writers for the site and the resident microbiologist-which every site needs I can assure you. I’ll be around writing all sorts of random articles, so hopefully you find some stuff ya like. I play all sorts of different types of games, my favorite of which is Fallout 3, and I really enjoying the gaming sphere as wel...[Read More]

Mimikyu is easily one of my favorite new Pokemon

    In this video we see a few new Pokemon for Sun and Moon. Wimpod looks like a Pokemon form of a Giant Isopod which is pretty sweet. There is a running joke among artists on my twitter circle of getting a ride able Isopod in World of Warcraft.               Next we’ve got Bounsweet which is just stupid adorable. Joining a long lineage of “...[Read More]

Diablo 3 | Season 7 has begun! Time to Level.

I’m in the unfortunate situation of being about to move. Because of this I haven’t gotten to immediately dive into Season 7 of Diablo. For me, Diablo 3’s launch was incredibly rough. I was fairly kind to the game around the time it launched but even I was noticing I was struggling to find the fun. Something I don’t often need to do with Blizzard games, if ever. With the arr...[Read More]

Welcome to Absolute Chill!

Hello and Welcome! I’ve been a long time fan of video games. I cannot remember a time when they did not enrich my life. As much as my other interests may change, video games have always remained a constant. Before the rise of the internet I got most of my news from my friends and from publishers directly through magazines or demo discs. My small bubble of friends were mostly incredibly posit...[Read More]

Alola Forms and Z-Moves | Pokemon of Mass Destruction

Wow! Things are getting kinda crazy in Pokemon. I’m reminded of when I was playing Pokken Tournament. I picked Shadow Mewtwo and unleashed his ultimate which results in a nuclear blast that takes out like half the planet.  The smoke cleared and my opponent lay unconscious at my feet. But otherwise the entire arena and surrounding city were pristine. I found it really funny and that sort of d...[Read More]

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