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Editorial: Super Mario Bros: The Movie

I am a man who loves him some good-bad movies; I’ve formed a group around watching them and I attempt to get this group whipped together at least once every two weeks. It’s something I deeply enjoy doing and I figured that I would dive into that by looking at a movie that holds a very special place in my instance of this long-standing tradition. This was actually the first good-bad movie I was abl...[Read More]

GM3434’s list of E3 games that look pretty swell

Ah, another E3 has come and gone with its promises of goodies to drop into our laps and crap to be thrown in our faces in a few months times. There’s many a thing to discuss in terms of what came out but for now I thought I’d start by listing a few games and whatnot that make me excited to get my hands on. I may update or alter this list as time goes on but I figure it’d be nice ...[Read More]

Thoughts on: Specter of Torment

Specter of Torment is the second of the DLC campaigns to come from Yacht Club games and as you might imagine, its good! But that does come with some caveats and opinions on the matter of course. So without further delay, lets get into my thoughts on this particular campaign. Story Specter Knight is a prequel to the main Shovel Knight campaign and focuses on the titular Specter Knight. Resurrected ...[Read More]

Thoughts on Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

I am a science man and this you may well know-hell, my avatar is of bacteria most of the time so it’s not exactly hard to noodle out. Hence playing as a scientist character pretty great as are his amusing quotes and flippant attitude. He’s an entertainingly giddy character with a lot of personality and his personality comes through his playstyle and customization as well as the layout of his lair....[Read More]

Staff Introduction – Gamemaniac3434

Hi there, and welcome to Absolute Chill! I’m Gamemaniac3434, one of the writers for the site and the resident microbiologist-which every site needs I can assure you. I’ll be around writing all sorts of random articles, so hopefully you find some stuff ya like. I play all sorts of different types of games, my favorite of which is Fallout 3, and I really enjoying the gaming sphere as wel...[Read More]

Welcome to Absolute Chill!

Hello and Welcome! I’ve been a long time fan of video games. I cannot remember a time when they did not enrich my life. As much as my other interests may change, video games have always remained a constant. Before the rise of the internet I got most of my news from my friends and from publishers directly through magazines or demo discs. My small bubble of friends were mostly incredibly posit...[Read More]

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