GM3434’s list of E3 games that look pretty swell

GM3434’s list of E3 games that look pretty swell

Ah, another E3 has come and gone with its promises of goodies to drop into our laps and crap to be thrown in our faces in a few months times. There’s many a thing to discuss in terms of what came out but for now I thought I’d start by listing a few games and whatnot that make me excited to get my hands on. I may update or alter this list as time goes on but I figure it’d be nice to start out with a few of my favorites.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 

Wolfenstein: The New Order was a pretty swell game about an alternate timeline in which the Nazis get super futuristic tech and take over the world. While its gunplay and gameplay could use some tightening up and adjustment to make it fit more into the run and gun style of its originator the story was fun, the writing was pretty good and the visuals were really cool. With the news that a sequels a coming I’m pretty excited to get back into that world and have even more fun hurting nazis with various nasty weapons and hopefully another interesting story.

Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid Prime 4

After the depressing last few metroid games-Other M and Federation Force-had seemingly killed Nintendos interest in the franchise most of us lost any hope that we’d see more metroid, let alone another sidescroller. This made the takedown of the fan effort, AM2R, pretty angering to a lot of fans due to the lack of new sidescrolling metroids but lo, it turns out all along they had a remake cooking. Not only did they show off the good looking remake, but they also revealed that Metroid Prime 4 will indeed be a thing coming in a few years. Now there are some hefty caveats here-the Return of Samus Remake is being made by the questionable Mercury Stream who have some really bad games under their belt and the new Metroid Prime isn’t being made by Retro or the team-who has since left Retro-that made the original Metroid Primes. Both of these are concerning, and I think caution is advised in both instances but despite myself I am still excited and I’ll let the product speak for itself when it comes out.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Remake

Holy shit, I did not expect this one in any way shape or form. This game is one near and dear to me-I still have the original GBA cartridge at my place and play it from time to time, and up until Dream Team which I avoided as well as all after it, I was really into this series. So imagine my surprise and excitement when they announced a remake and a hefty upscaling of the original assets. It seems like they’re keeping a lot of the original audio effects and what not which is a plus and it looks pretty good to my eyes. Hopefully the next two games in the series get the same treatment, and one can only hope this one turns out well-as a longterm fan of it my expectations are high.

And theres some games at E3 that I liked the jib of. Hopefully they turn out well, feel free to leave below what you’d like to see, etc., etc.

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