Thoughts on Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

Shovel Knight

I loved it!

Thoughts on Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows


Thoughts on Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

I am a science man and this you may well know-hell, my avatar is of bacteria most of the time so it’s not exactly hard to noodle out. Hence playing as a scientist character pretty great as are his amusing quotes and flippant attitude. He’s an entertainingly giddy character with a lot of personality and his personality comes through his playstyle and customization as well as the layout of his lair. His relationship with his other comrades is also fun, and he has a dedicated dance button…that doesn’t work in front of a certain character which adds even more personality to him. It’s adorable and I love it, as well as the great looking visual design of his gear including the iconic mask and the way he moves.

I like the concept of the story-it’s fairly simple in its conceit but it’s fun to see the different stuff that crops up along the way and how interactions with bosses go differently in terms of discussion than Shovel Knight, often to pretty amusing effect. There’s also some nice personal stuff that’s in the forefront, and amusing changes to interactions in the game world that make a fair bit of sense which is a nice touch. Personally I prefer this story to the base game-I think there’s a lot more flavor and amusing storytelling going on, and as noted above I like Plague Knight more than Shovel Knight.

But my love of the expansion doesn’t stop at the story and design stuff-I also like the gameplay a lot. Unlike Shovel Knight proper, you can highly tweak and adjust your base attack to deal with different enemies and bosses on the fly. This makes finding a way to get around and fight more satisfying and customizable to your own tastes-I find there’s much more flexibility here than the items in Shovel Knights campaign provide. Also the music is pretty darn good, as in the base game and hopefully in the next expansion.

Overall I’m glad that this extra campaign came out so well, and I’m looking forward to Specter of Torment a fair bit when it rolls around to the vita. I’m also kind of happy that they split and are charging more for the full game vs charging for each campaign as, I want them to be financially successful-the Plague Knight cost to develop is a bit daunting, especially when you consider it was a free update to the base game. I also find that doing it this way, as well as giving generous notice that they were doing it, and letting people buy the cheaper version, was pretty classy. Overall this is probably the best Kickstarter project I’ve backed, and if Yacht Club comes back to Kickstarter I’ll throw money at it so hard it’ll causes horrible contusions that require medical attention.


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