Who is the Deadliest Pokemon?

Gotta Catch em’ All! (Or they’ll kill you)

Before you watch the video, try and guess who you think it is? It isn’t super hard to come up with reasons why they are wrong. That said I loved this little thought experiment.

I’m going to slightly spoil it by saying it isn’t Arceus. Now you’ve only got a few hundred other options to choose from. But if I had to pick a pokemon, Arceus probably be my #1. Being god gives you a lot of freedom to be a monster. It looks like UPS and/or Amazon decided to ship my game today rather than ship it in such a way that I receive it today. Needless to say I’m uh, less than happy.

That’s fine, that’s cool. I’m relaxed. I’ve got some herbal tea and totally didn’t just photoshop knives into the hands of a Pikachu. All good on the western front.

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