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Civilization 6 gets even better at consuming your days.

You wouldn’t know it by the number of hours I’ve played Civilization 6. But I really like this game. It currently stands as my favorite iteration of a series that started in 1991. Just holy cow! So many series I like have been around for just obscene lengths of time. Anyways, Civ VI is great. I highly recommend you pick it up if you haven’t. The fact that they called this the “Fall 2016” Update has me curious to their patching plans. Is there going to be one major update every season? Honestly I don’t think this is a game that needs constant balancing and updates. But even with that in mind I think to myself “Four major patches a year feels kinda barren.”

That’s all speculation that isn’t really worth debating for now I suppose. If they had called it the “Porky Pig 2016” Update I wouldn’t think it was related to anything. Holy cow, I’m really getting off track. Anyways! Let’s talk about some of the finer details of this patch. I’ll basically summarize what I find most interesting in each section. I won’t be going into everything, you can find Full Patch Notes here.


  • DX12 Support
  • New Maps

As a kid I loved patch notes. My favorite part was the “new” section. I can’t say the same thing is true here. New maps is always welcome and the DX12 support is a good thing, but ultimately I think the coolest “new” thing is hiding further down in the notes.


  • Added the ability to rename cities.
  • Added UI to show the next tile a city will grow to.

These are both rad updates! In particular being able to rename cities “Poopface” and whatnot will be great! I hope that the AI doesn’t rename them back when I return them. I want my mark to be left on my foes forever. Additionally I’ve often wondered where the growth of my city was “going” for a lack of a better word. Any additional information is welcome for me as a data vampire.


  • Added prerequisite project (Manhattan Project) for Operation Ivy.
  • Adjusted relationship decay rates.
  • Reduced Warmonger penalties in most instances, and adjusted how this reacts to returning versus keeping a city. The last city conquered from a player now provides a heavy warmonger penalty, even if you have a Casus Belli against this player, because you are wiping out a civilization.
  • Reduced border incursion warnings if the troops are within their own borders.
  • Increased the cost of Religious units and applied additional charges.

Oh man! Suddenly I’m getting excited. The first bullet point is mostly a “feel” issue. The order of operations to getting nuclear weapons felt really disjointed and incorrect in Civ 6. I’d have been annoyed by this but I was then introduced to the absolutely rad nuclear bomb animations. I learned to love the bombs and kinda forgot how annoyed I had been with the tech tree. Next we move onto relationship issues. All three of those bullet points are potentially so helpful. It’s absolutely ridiculous when an enemy builds near my cities then complains to me for having soldiers in my borders.

Finally, religion feels broken at times. It’s nice to see it getting a bit of a boost in costs to help balance it out. All good stuff. I’m a bit bummed that deleting units no longer provides gold, but I can accept that for all this other stuff.


  • Adjusted AI victory condition focus to increase their competitiveness in Science and Tourism.
  • Adjusted AI understanding of declared friendship.
  • Adjusted the AI approach to beginning and ending a war based on potential gain and loss.
  • Improved the ability of city-states to maintain a strong military.

AI in these games is king. I absolutely dislike when a “hard AI” is managed by just giving the AI cheats. Cheaper units, more resources, etc. Improving the way an AI thinks, I think, will always be the better option. That said I realize it’s very complicated. Here’s hoping that Civ 6 sees a lot of AI tweaking in the future. As it stands I’ve had war declared on me by nations that were my friends when there was absolutely no chance of them winning. Strange stuff.


  • Text and grammar fixes.

Otherwise known as the most popular update ever released for No Man’s Sky. Jokes aside, the bug fixes all look fine. I haven’t actually had any issues so there hasn’t been anything I’ve been waiting on to get fixed.


  • Buildings on snow will now have snow on them.

This is what I was mentioning earlier when I said something new was really cool to me. I love when buildings match their environment in simulation games. I’ve actually not paid close attention, now I’ve got to see if desert cities have sand all over them and so on. I hope so. If you haven’t had a chance to zoom in on your city while playing I highly recommend it. There is a lot of fine touches to the visuals in this game. So many that many are bound to slip past you.

  I haven’t played any of the multiplayer. It all sounds fine though?


  • Pretty much everything.

Basically everything outside of the vague “updated X UI” updates, this entire section is great. More information in Civ games is almost always welcome. It also sounds like they’ve made Civilopedia not quite as much of a chore to use. I did an awful job of tracking trade routes in particular.

Audio is another section I’ve got nothing on. Given how wonderful the game sounds, it’s nice that they fixed any issues stopping others from hearing it.


  • Added a setup option “No Duplicate Leaders” that is enabled by default.  This option prevents multiple players from selecting the same leader.
  • Plot Tooltip Delay is now available in the Options menu.
  • Auto Cycle Units is now available in the Options menu.

Aw yeah boi! More options! I’m a big fan of toggles. I’d rather my game experience be shaped to fit my style and desire. I didn’t even realize you could have duplicate leaders, to be fair, but I’d most certainly have it on anytime I’m playing. There can only be one Teddy Roosevelt. The world cannot survive two.


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