Nintendo NX unveiled, named Nintendo Switch

March 2017 release

Nintendo NX unveiled, named Nintendo Switch

Welp, after months of teasing gamers with little crumbs and many leaks of possible forms the system could take, the NX has been unveiled.

Personally I was a bit surprised by the system-it actually looks pretty well made and it has some interesting value due to its portable features. The portable component and its controllers that slide on and off are interesting as well, with cartridges making their way back from mobile gaming systems. There has also been a pretty decent lineup of support listed, though time will tell if that holds, and seeing skyrim run on it is an intriguing gambit. After the Wii U flopping I’m guessing that nintendo is going to have to hit the ground running here, and make sure theres no early life game drought but this system has a lot more of my interest than I thought it would-moreso than the Wii U at launch did as well. Times going to tell if its a system worth getting, and I have a feeling its not going to be cheap but I’ll keep an eye out-which is more than I could say before it came out. It also looks like the systems going to be tied with Nvidia stuff, who have provided some interesting pictures of the system.

Additionally as an interesting aside from a user at Dtoid named Meanderbot, I do wonder if VR is going to be a thing as they were thinking about. The system does seem to be a good shape for a cheaper VR headset ala the Gear or Google Cardboard, and it could in theory just slide on in. Food for thought in the coming months, especially if VR takes off.

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