Ubisoft is best-selling publisher in 2016


Ubisoft is best-selling publisher in 2016

As reported by MCV, and genuinely to my surprise, Ubisoft is currently the frontrunner for sales in 2016. This applies to the US, the EU, Canada, and Australia apparently. I’ll get back to you once we see the sales for Antarctica but odds are good they’ve cornered that market.

The big mover this year is the Division which absolutely crushed it for Day One sales. And by crushing it I mean they made over $330 million in their first week. An astounding amount of money when you consider that it lost 93% of its player base in a few months time.

This actually has me super interested in the average retention of a video game, something I might write about in the future. How unusual is it for nearly everyone to quit your game in a couple months?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Ubisoft is making gangbusters and it doesn’t look like they are showing any signs of slowing. They’ve still got Just Dance 2017(?), Steep, and Watch Dogs 2. The latter of which I’m guessing will make an enormous amount of money.

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