Legion Companion App is an Altoholics Dream

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I loved it!

Legion Companion App is an Altoholics Dream

Legion Companion App is an Altoholics Dream

For those of you playing Legion, you already know that it is pretty friggin sweet.  But you might also have noticed that running a ton of characters at once is a bit taxing. It looks like this won’t be the case much longer! The companion app is set to drop this Tuesday which is great news because that’s also when I go back to work. It’s amusing to me because Liz and I have been both been pining over how lovely it would be to have a companion app for when we are out on the town or working. There had been some rumors floating about that this would become a thing because of data mining showing a lot of icons labeled “mobile”.

Not much else to say, this is a pretty great addition to what is already looking to be one of the (if not the) best expansion Blizzard has ever released for World of Warcraft. Once I’ve finished every zone and checked out the dungeons I’ll write up a full review. Likely with updates throughout the lifespan of the expansion. Additionally once the app is out I’ll write a bit more detail over what is cool in it and (heaven forbid) what isn’t cool.

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