Thoughts on: Magic Duels

Magic: Duels

Thoughts on: Magic Duels

Thoughts on: Magic Duels

I never really played Magic The Gathering, as insistently as some of my friends talked about it. Well a few weeks ago Rico and TheBlondeBass were talking about the game and recently added lovecraftian horrors-something of which I have a special place in my heart. Well some of the card designs sold me, and they pointed me to the computer version of the game-Magic Duels which is free to play which is somewhat important to some of my criticisms. And thus they got me and Torchman addicted to the game for a decent amount of time, entranced by its siren song.

Basically gameplay-wise the game has a mana system where you play lands to build mana-and land is generally specific for cards. Then you have creatures that have varying abilities and a strength/defensive component, and finally spells or enchantments that do varying things and eat up mana as well. You have health, and if it runs out due to attacks you lose the game. There are some basic animations, but nothing crazy even if it is relatively sufficient in my eyes. Personally I find the game very fun-random luck plays a lot into matters but overall even when I was losing in certain campaigns or with my deck against friends I had a good time. There’s a lot of different variants of decks you can mess around with and personally I love emerge-using weaker cards to summon monstrously strong cards earlier in the game than you would normally be able to due to mana constraints. Its fun to fine tune your deck, figure out how to defend against certain strategies and figure out how to optimize your decks function. The game also has multiplayer functions including a mode called “two-headed giant”-wherein two players team up and share the same health as they fight against another two players. Its a good time and its interesting to see the chaos that can arise from four different players throwing stuff around.

The card design is pretty on point-theres some great designs and functions at play, and I like tons of the artwork on display-especially the lovecraftian stuff is deliciously fucked up. It even has two forms of Lovecraft-more supernatural and conventional, and then full on eldritch horror. However there are some issues with the game, having to do with its monetization. Some of the campaign decks are awfully designed-making it difficult to get through a particular mission unless you get the perfect random correct deck. I think this has something to do with the fact that campaign decks earn you coins-which means you can buy boosters from deck types without paying for money. I feel like its a bad way to handle things, and especially with Eldritch Moon I feel like the game gives you some terrible decks that don’t show off the strengths of the decks as much as making it just unpleasant to chew through to get boosters and coins.

Despite that, however, everything else in this game is pretty strong and I think its worth a playthrough. Its free, so if the game seems appealing I would recommend giving it a look.


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