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Welcome to Absolute Chill!

Hello and Welcome!

I’ve been a long time fan of video games. I cannot remember a time when they did not enrich my life. As much as my other interests may change, video games have always remained a constant.

Before the rise of the internet I got most of my news from my friends and from publishers directly through magazines or demo discs. My small bubble of friends were mostly incredibly positive people.

We never looked for reasons to be angry. Looking for problems is simple. Nothing is perfect. Finding what you like and knowing why you like it? That’s difficult.

The Problem

Years passed and the internet rose to power.  Information became plentiful but with that ubiquity came an ever present problem.

Only the loudest voices are heard. Because of algorithms and self selecting echo chambers. Unfortunately the loudest voices tend to also have the most extreme opinions.

The Solution

I decided to set out and found Absolute Chill. A casually run gaming news, reviews, and opinion website that focuses more on the emotional side of things. Putting games into boxes with number scores is a difficult and messy practice.

It’s difficult to say if a game is a 5, or a 6, or a 10. Does my 5 match your 5? But it is very easy to know if you liked a game or not. This will be the focus of our review system and it should help to create an atmosphere that is unambiguous and inviting.

Another thing we’ll be doing is avoiding needless controversy and clickbait titles. Both of these things are running rampant elsewhere and I feel like it is hurting everyone for something as petty as a few extra cents in advertising.

Again, Welcome, and I’m genuinely happy you’ve found us. I hope that going forward we will become a hub for everything gaming that enriches your life just as video games have enriched mine.

Founder and resident nonsense scribbler.


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